Tuesday, March 31, 2009

APTA Student Competition

I am pretty sure Claire won't mind if I post this:

Put down the books and pick up your camcorders, it’s time to get those creative juices flowing! The student assembly board is challenging you, any and all students, to tell us why being a student member of the APTA is so important. At this year’s National Student Conclave, we are showcasing a video that will highlight why students should be/need to be/must be members of the APTA, and as the student assembly, we want your input!

We can all agree that being a great physical therapist/assistant is not only about being a great clinician…it is about being an advocate, a leader, a member of the incredible association that works day in and day out to better our profession. Our challenge is for you to help us spread this message to all non-members. SO LET THE COMPETITION BEGIN!

We would like student members to send in a video message about taking ownership of your future in this profession. We want to get your message out! So tell us…tell us how being a student member of the APTA helps you “Own Your Future”…tell us in a video…tell us with a group of classmates or by your lonesome…tell us in any creative way your heart desires…we just ask that you keep it under 30 seconds…and turn it in before July 1, 2009!

WHO: Any APTA Student Member
WHAT: A 30-second “Own Your Future” Video Message
WHERE: To be showcased at NSC 2009 in Miami, FL
HOW: Mail to Claire Melebeck, 744 Ratcliff, Shreveport, LA 71104
WHEN: By July 1, 2009

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