Saturday, March 28, 2009

Had a hard week of work with two real hard quad workouts. Earlier today got a real good arm workout in. Just did my bike training:

1st 2.5 miles into wind 13:19
Return trip 7:53 with wind
*tires were a little flat which likely slowed the whole process down
And you see the bike I use above - not exactly the best for speed, but the resistance is nice and high which helps those quads I need to keep getting stronger. Felt real good today, almost wanted to do another 5 miles but had to get back here to post this and get my ACL presentation together... Thursday, here I come...

Tomorrow will also be my REAL first swim since the surgery, as I tried last week but spring break was still in effect keeping the pool closed.

Bonus: I apparently entered a contest a while back and received an ESPN hat in the mail, fun... Thanks, ESPN (picture to come)

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