Saturday, March 21, 2009

Terrible Spinal Manip Timing

The day I present to my clinic on Spinal Manipulation for Low Back Pain is the same day the APTA decides to send out an e-mail that they have released White Papers and a wealth of information on Spinal Manipulations. That would have been usefull information yesterday... (:about 25 seconds into the link)

I did not go into it feeling I had put together as much as I could have mainly because of the huge amounts of information out there. But it seemd it was fairly useful to the majority of my audience which is all I could hope for. Now I will be working on an ACL powerpoint that I will present in two Thursdays and fine tuning the spinal manipulation presentation for a few other PT's I know and eventually we will have a solid presentation for MD's and payors to educate them on how we deal with Low Back Pain.

Other exciting news: A new blog has sprung to help promote and organize the New Professional:
MOVE IT! get to that site and contribute. There seems to be a lot of potential energy we have to tap into to help make the future of our profession better than ever, day after day. I am really looking forward to what we can accomplish.

Have a great weekend. I pledge to go swimming for the first time since my surgery tomorrow and report how that went... I highly do recommend the pool for the majority of musculoskeletal conditions:

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