Sunday, April 12, 2009

Clinics in Sports Medicine

In doing some research on swimming, I came across a publication that I had seen previously in my researching of other subjects. This time I happened to notice that all of their issues were theme based. For instance the April issue for this year is all about "Allografts" and the October issue from last year was titled "Shoulder problems in athletes". I think this is a very interesting way to present literature. As a busy clinician you may be more likely to delve into one topic of interest rather than skim through an entire journal of many different topics that may not all interest you. I am still at a stage where I try to read everything I possibly can so I appreciate both formats, but I have noticed that the "themed issues" seem to be an emerging trend in PT related journals. JOSPT has recently had an issue all about the shoulder, NAJSPT had an issue all about MLKI, just to name a few.

I recently spoke with a PT in a residency program for orthopaedics, and he told me he reads a minimum of 45 journal articles a week... they may name the chair he sits in everyday in the library after him, who knows... just some thoughts... back to busy life... Hope you had a great holiday weekend!


Tom said...

48 last week....FABQ, chronic pain, pain science approuch etc.... makes me wish I paid more attnetion in neuro

Bo, DPT said...

and he still has time to read my blog! what a trooper... keep it up Tom... I think I gave up on waiting for you to send me those presentations you said you were gonna send me... :-D

gk said...
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