Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bike Ride and Career Day

This is 11 minutes of me riding my bike over the very scenic Coney Island Boardwalk. I think it is actually kind of relaxing to watch

Yesterday I went to Career Day at my high school. One of the few schools that can get 50+ alumni and 600+ students to come in on a Saturday and not involve some kind of sporting event. I had a decent turnout and a bunch of the kids asked about setting up internships/observational hours, so hopefully that can work out

Just finished reading an interesting paper titled "The Pathophysiology of Patellofemoral Pain: A tissue homeostasis perspective" by Scott F. Dye, MD. I have heard some interesting stories about Dr. Dye, including having knee surgery without anesthetic, performed by his father. This paper in particular discusses the "enevelope of function" which looks at the "capacity of the knee in a live person (and by extension, all diarthrodial joints) to safely accept and transfer a range of loads." Useful principle for gauging the idea of pushing someone too much versus not enough. I highly recommend this paper to get a unique perspective on this very complex issue

Another way to describe the envelope of function: "The range of load that can be applied to a knee joint without causing structural or metabolic failure can be termed envelope of function."

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