Thursday, May 29, 2008

Get Lost

On my way to a job interview right now, for a part-time position while I study for the boards.

Quick point of interest:
Physical Therapists are now at the doctoring level. I have been getting a lot of questions about this. We are not Medical Doctor's (MD's) nor are we PhD's (academic doctorate - although one can get a PhD in a PT related field). What I have earned is a DPT or a Doctorate in Physical Therapy which is a clinical doctorate.

A lot of the 'allied' medical professions are switching over to this higher degree level that by definition indicates an expert in one's field (I have seen doctor and expert linked almost as synonyms). So a medical doctor is an expert of medicine and a doctor of PT is an expert in the neuromusculoskeletal workings of humans.

The other issue I have been having to respond to is the idea that PT's only treat injured individuals, whereas this is far from true. I feel confident that even as an entry-level clinician as I now am, I can make a positive change in the health of almost every individual whom I may encounter. In order for the body to be most efficient and remain injury free there needs to be a proper balance and proper upkeep which often times requires the guidance of a trained professional such as myself :)

'It is far easier to stay healthy then to get back to being healthy.'

If you are a Lost fan, join me and some of my high school buddies for the season finale in NYC at Professor Thoms... google it as I can't link secondary to mobile phone blogging :(

Stay healthy people!

Monday, May 26, 2008


It would almost be unprofessional for me to not post this (the comments section is where all the heat is):

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Continuing Education

The human body is an amazing thing... an amazingly complex thing... so much is being done to try to figure it out...
Just when people think they know something about it someone else comes out and disputes what we thought we knew.

So what is the best option? Keep learning... [insert soap box and sappy music here]... I love learning and sharing ideas (hence this blog)... I love learning something new and being excited to teach it to someone else or apply it to my own life, I even love hearing a new idea that may conflict with my previously held beliefs and trying to see which side makes more sense...

As a student I had attended a decent serving of continuing ed. courses, just about every chance I had, since I had a little more time than when I will start working full-time... plus as a student it is usually much more accessible and cheaper.

So even though I just graduated last Thursday, I already signed up for my first "real" continuing ed. course (real because I wasn't continuing before, I was doing it along with my education - ya dig?). The course I chose should be great and I am expecting to learn a lot.

The more interesting part of continuing ed. is how relative it is... as I continue to learn more and more I take so much more away, if I was able to sit through some of the courses I previously sat through I know I could take so much more away from them.

PT is an ever growing field, and as we as a people learn more and more about the human body there has to be some way to keep up with that... lifelong learning is a concept I accepted early in my PT schooling and just can't wait to see what comes next.

And now the random PT cartoon of the day:

Friday, May 23, 2008


Just saw an ad from Illinois. They were looking for a new PT director to join ONE PT and, get this, 8 Physical Therapist Assistant''s (PTA's)!!! They then claim they provide excellent quality care which seems rather difficult to comprehend.

EIM had a recent post discussing the existence of PTA's in healthcare. In most states PTA's are not allowed to evaluate, progress treatment, or perform certain types of interventions. Each state differs in their practice act. In theory the PTA grew out of the need of PT's to have an extra set of hands without the extended schooling (PTA practice requires a 2-year associates degree).

I certainly never want to pigeon-hole an entire group of people, as there are some amazing PTA's out there who get all sorts of advanced training and unfortunately there (supposedly) is only 1 pta to pt transition program making it difficult to transition.

I am running out of mobile blogging space... what is the place of PTA's within the context of VISION 2020?

Thursday, May 22, 2008


So I have officially posted my last entry on

This is the new hot spot... woo...

Exciting times, many job opps, interviews, residency?, oh what to do... learning more, paying off debts... balance... main focus, study for the boards...

more to come, excitement ensues