Friday, June 27, 2008

Addendum to FOI

Forgot to add my excitement about my lunch break today... in lieu of relaxing and enjoying a meal, I will be taking part in some VO2 testing (google it for more info-on phone no link capacity, sorry).

Basic info is as follows:
Get a couple of monitors on me including a chest strap Heart Rate monitor and a mask over my face that makes breathing a little dry (to say the least). Up on a treadmill, start at 3.0 mph, 0 percent incline, every minute goes up 1.0 mph until 9.0 mph, then the incline increases every minute by 1.0 percent (as I recall). Go to failure (some places have a mattress behind the treadmill because to get the best readings you really need to go to failure. I did do this test once before and felt good doing it (but I didn't go to failure - wanted to be able to walk home :)

Since I am trying to get a little more serious about running, mar/bi/tri/urban-athlon's this is going to help me determine my ideal heart rate training zones which is great since I recently purchased a Heart Rate monitor (an Ironman Triathlon-Timex model). Similar to the one Bruce Banner is wearing in Incredible Hulk. I am wearing it now on my commute to the course. It involves a chest strap and displays my HR on my watch right above the time - just shot up to 90 when a rude lady sat next to me on the train (Bo angry!), but I'm lowering it down to my normal resting (commuter resting which is a little higher maybe) of 65 - blogging seems to relax me too :)

I will try to update you guys on every change in my HR, just kidding, I will however try to give you a summary of FOI day 2 and the results of the VO2 test.

HR currently 76.

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Roderick Henderson, PT said...

Bo your blog is looking great. Keep it up. I started running 10k's and half-marathons a few years ago. It's a great way to keep in shape. Hang in there an have fun with that.