Friday, June 27, 2008

Functional Orthopaedics One

On my way to my first (true)-continuing education course (first since I actually graduated). Last night was the first 4 hours and was packed with usefulness and fun (the instructor, cheryl, is great). This is also my first day of work I am ever missing :-O

Last night we set up the course with some great review that had a lot of new kinks that I never kne before about some of the basic stuff (like collagen has a half-life of 300-600 days which is significant for healing/restructuring of skin/wounds/etc.).

Went over some evals of sitting posture, standing posture, core strength, gait... all that great functional-outcome heart of PT stuff :)

Looking forward to the nearly 30 or so hours of class over the next 3 days. I will miss sleep however. Trying to apply what I learn back to the acute setting and towards the boards... which I am still finding some time to study for (or at least put the book under my pillow at night to get the info through osmosis :)

I took some pics of the Brooklyn Bridge and FDR Dr. waterfalls that I will try to post sooner than later, wicked cool stuff (did I just type wicked (twice) never goin to boston again), google the waterfalls I am sure there are better photos out there anyway...

Its gonna be a hot one here in NY so stay cool wherever you are...


Anonymous said...

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