Sunday, June 22, 2008

Studying the second time

After the initial shock of my first real week of work- pretty much ever :) I am starting to get rolling with everything.

For work, the documentation, policies and procedures are almost as important as the clinical decision making process, so that is all coming along. I will soon be switching to a Tues-Sat schedule which should be interesting (especially b.c public transportation generally stinks on weekends).

Had a very fun weekend in new england despite the fact that I am a jets/yankees fan and despise all those sports teams and their fans :) Finally got some Maine lobster which I'd wanted to do for a long time.

So with all this bizzy-ness I still find time to study for my licensure exam. As I had previously known but am re-learning, when you have an expanded knowledge with application and can reflect things just make so much more sense.

For instance, I was overwhelmed when in school with the massive amounts of neurological content, but studying it now I can better extract the most relevant parts (this goes for all areas, but especially neuro). An example is Parkinson Disease (which I believe has no 's' at the end of Parkinson, but many text's have it as such?), this basically breaks down to a deficiency of inhibitory dopamine which allows for excessive excitatory output, hence all of the symptoms: rigidity, resting tremor along with the fact that it is a chronic, progressive degenerative disease.

Point is studying now puts all of the info into a whole new and exciting light. I'm getting to where I want to be but realize I have a long ways to go as a clinician, gonna have to (as the kids say) 'stay on my grind.'

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