Thursday, July 3, 2008


Lot happened since my last post. Many mobile mistakes that caused losses of entries, hope it doesn't happen here...

So we will go backwards a little:
Today, had a pretty great day, I am up to 11 patients a day and saw one of them twice (not gonna go too far into the details of my whole day just yet)... got my first pay check as a PT and goodness gracious great balls of taxes, they took out a small fortune for taxes, that is just frustrating as heck (hope I get some of that back when I file my taxes, c'mon uncle sam!)

Yesterday, I served jury duty, sat in the waiting room with free wi-fi, had my laptop, was there 8:30-2:30 with an hour for lunch in there, they didn't need me so I can't get called back for 8 years, yay kings county! Found out I'm gonna be a godfather ('never go against the family...' brando)

Basic review of the course I took this weekend, it was pretty awesome, simple as that, the instructor(s) was(ere?) awesome. Did my VO2 testing and have started a structured running program based on the results. I believe my VO2 max was about 48 whereas Sean Avery of the NHL-NY Rangers (i think he may have just signed somewhere else) (he was tested by the same guy as me a week earlier) he was a 58 - but he trains for a living! Anyway, I got this great new program and I am siged up for two awesome races (one end of August and another a month later)...

Gonna stop here so I can focus on walking through Coney Island to get home - isn't it nice following my every move :)

addendum, haha, forgot that I named this post because I am going to the place in the title for the weekend with my sister, brother-in-law and the 2 and 4.5 year old kiddies for some major studying for the boards... Happy 4th everyone!

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