Friday, June 20, 2008

First week 'o work

I started out Monday at my acute care hospital and am having a great time (except for the 2-hr commute each way).

The first four weeks is basically an orientation where I become familiar or re-familiarize (since I was a student here almost 2 years ago). The computer and paper systems for documentation just take a couple of repetitions to become well adept with - I consider my speed of learning one of my strengths, so bada-bing, bada-boom.

We are working our way through diagnoses starting with hips and knees, then spine and feet, then upper extremity (the elbow and below mostly gets seen by the one OT on staff). Acute care is where a lot of the healthcare process starts, so it is great to start my first job where a lot of patients start. The interplay with surgeons, medical doctors, residents, PA's, PNO, case managers/workers, RN's and a littany of other staff is crucial to becoming a better overall PT.

My ultimate goal is to stay in the ortho/sports realm, probably some form of an outpatient clinic and hopefully with a large focus on preventing injuries!

'It is much easier to stay healthy, than to return to being healthy.'

I do need to keep up with my manual skills and next weekend will be taking a very hands-on manual course which should be a great learning experience.

Anyway, I am in the dreaded town of beans (aka boston) for the weekend, gonna try to study for the boards as much as I can. Hope you all have a weekend to remember and GO YANKS!!!

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