Saturday, February 7, 2009

Post-Op 7 weeks 1 day

Just rode my bike on the boardwalk for the first time since the surgery and it felt great despite (maybe because of) the sub 45 degree weather. I get such a great quad workout on my mountain bike, with high resistance most of the way. Eventually I may take up actual cycling with one of those super light bikes that go real real fast, it seems like a bit of fun. So here is my own times for today for record keeping.

5 - warm up lap around my neighborhood that led me back to my house to get gloves and a neck warmer (smart call)
3 - time from house to boardwalk
12:40 - length of boardwalk (2.5 miles)
10:00 - roundtrip of boardwalk (another 2.5 miles, was going down wind)
3:40 - cool down in neighborhood to get back to house including intermittent backwards pedaling

I am really motivated to start getting more steady workouts in as well as a solid amount of article reading, topic prep for the near future. We have one particular student at the clinic I am collaborating with to present the latest on core training and manipulation for low back pain, with two other clinicians presenting on the medical/surgical side of things. Should be fun. Have a healthy weekend people :)


hailqueenemery said...

just stumbled on your site through random clickings.

I work as a Physical Therapist as well and after browsing your page..I'm feeling a bit stupid because none of my blog entries are physical therapy-related.. well.. *palms on face*.. *head on desk*..

carmz said...

..ei im also a physical therapist at the philippins..and i'm here at US right now..I'm preparing for the board when are you going to take it?