Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another Lazy Sunday

Got about 4 hours of biking in yesteday, very leisure like. I was going to go swim today, but decided to rest up for my V02 bike test tomorrow. This will be a big test for my endurance since I have not been going too hard in training yet. The knee is feeling much better, at about 9 weeks I had my first experience of descending stairs without pain.
Preparing a little for one of our mock evals tomorrow that we do every monday, we will be thoroughly reviewing the shoulder. Exams, normative values, etc. Interventions to follow.
Also, in putting together a presentation on spinal manipulation, I found this great guest editorial in JOSPT with this answer as to what to tell a patient when they ask why spinal manipulation therapy worked:

...the spinal manipulation caused transient and widespread forces to be
absorbed through the treated area. These forces produced a barrage of input into
the nervous system, evoking responses between the spinal cord and the cortex. A
likely explanation for the successful outcomes achieved in this particular
patient could be pain inhibition and changes in motneuron pool activity,
although non-specific effects due to placebo and patient expectation could not
be ruled out.

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