Monday, February 23, 2009

Blog Roll

I have not updated my links on the right side over there in a long while -->

So here is the easier way for me to update all this, these are the PT relevant (plus a few other fun) websites I follow using either Blogger (through this blog) or through Google Reader (RSS feed reader):

My Top Picks in no particular order:

1a) Exercise-ology
1b) View from Sports Center (not related to ESPN)

2) Mike Reinold

3) Seth Godin

4) Street Anatomy

5) TED blog

6) where I work... not a blog

7) One of the best PT practices I have had the pleasure of associating with

8) A Day in the life of a PT student

9) "The future of manual physical therapy is in your hands"

10) Clinical Reflections

11) Some of the discussion boards on


13) Neurotonics

14) NPA Think Tank

15) Physiopedia

16) Orthopedic PT

The Top Health Blogger himself Tim Richardson
17a) PT Diagnosis
17b) Bulletproof PT

18) PT Rover - nothing new in a while...

19) Physio Info-blog - also not much in a while...

20) Physiospot Musculoskeletal

21) Rehabcare blog

22) Medical News Today -> Rehab & PT

23) SCI Info News Blog - any of the latest breaking news on SCI

24) PT Etcetera Blog

25) Sports Injury Clinic - Research - seems to be something wrong with the RSS feed, because they have recent articles but it doesnt get sent to my RSS for some reason :(

26) Toni Talks about PT Today - is it just me or does Toni seem very bitter and cynical in all of her posts

27) - and all the other wonderful PT tweeters out there...

28) (Un)edited Tales - she has even less PT content than me, but she also seems to be in NYC so the food suggestions are very useful

29) Moving Forward

30) Rookie PT

31) S.46: Medicare Access to Rehab Services Act of 2009 - the best part is the "111st Congress" - they didnt notice the need to change it to 111th

Any I missed (it wasn't on purpose)? Please share!

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Un(edited) Tales said...

Thanks for the shout out. I am finishing up my last affil. and haven't had time to post any PT stuff. However, will be working on that soon.