Thursday, January 29, 2009

TED Blog: Running on high-tech legs: Aimee Mullins on

TED Blog: Running on high-tech legs: Aimee Mullins on

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TED Talks are pretty darn entertaining... I highly recommend perusing the site to find something that interests you, there is a wide variety of topics and once you find your topic you will find something interesting about it. Go now!

I also wanted to share this site:

It seems like a pretty awesome utilization of the world wide web... making the world a better place? maybe...

I came across a pretty interesting chapter in a textbook that breaks down a lot of mnemonics/memory tools for a bunch of different PT related ideas. One example is the 12 cranial nerves... if you are in a medical field I assume you can recall at least one version of this... or the 8 carpal bones... I will share a few of my faves a few posts from now but for now I would love to hear some unique ones or just your faves... :-D

PS: today is 6 weeks since my surgery, back to work, starting to push a little more with my workouts, especially now that my commute is down to five minutes.

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