Monday, February 23, 2009

Bike V02 Max Test

This is a seemingly great explanation of the V02 max testing.

*Not me in the picture above, but very similar setup with the same mask and livestrong bracelet...

I got my test in this morning before work, so I probably did not go to my "max" as one should for most accurate readings. But I wanted to be able to walk around at work. My numbers were very comparable to the running test I did back in October before the ACL surgery. The V02 max was about 49, which equates to a 53-ish with the running, which is where I was, and max HR was 168. The problem was my carbon dioxide I was breathing out never crossed the oxygen I was breathing in (at least the levels didn't on the graph, they physically had to have crossed). For that reason, I will be re-taking it next Monday, perhaps I will videotape it for your viewing pleasure. Also, this test was a 25 watt interval, meaning every minute the resistance went up by 25 watts, whereas because I displayed some steady vitals the test may be more accurate with a 50 watt protocol, meaning I reach my "runnin' on fumes" phase much quicker.

I am excited to continue strengthening my quads, and use this type of data to utilize my training as I begin to cycle and swim much more.

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