Saturday, January 17, 2009

President-elect Obama has a seemingly progressive website where you can actually vote for ideas...

Under "Open Government" there is a "Citizen's Briefing Book" where you can share your own idea of how you want to see this country changed and vote up or down others ideas... I tried finding PT related stuff

This one isnt getting many votes (only at 30 points, each vote is 10 points, not quite there yet):

Require physical therapy before purely elective surgery

This is a well thought out way to save us 225 mil$ (careful with the language, this is a vote to "Defund" it so it is anti-nccam which makes sense to me)

Defund the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM)

This is one of the most popular ones:
The reason that our country pays more for health care than anywhere else in the world and still has poor health outcomes is that the system is run by profit-seeking insurance companies. Health insurance should not be a for-profit field.

Bottom line is if you care about this country and you believe that the new Prez will actually be influenced by these votes, take advantage of the social network here, web 2.0... should be an interesting 4(8)[12] years coming up...

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