Tuesday, January 27, 2009

While I Ice...

I am laying on a treatment table with the laptop we use for our documentation. I am in the clinic, icing my knee after a long day of running around and making people feel better, it really can be such a rewarding day at work... every day... how cheesy, I know... I am a little bit on fumes since the last thing I ate was a single french fry I stole from one of the front desk staff during lunchtime since one patient showed up late so I saw him through my lunch hour, before that was a turkey/cheese sandwich at 6 am... its almost 7 pm... I try not to give you the ins and outs of my day but "whoomp there it is"

Anyways, this is my first entry since returning to work following my thoroughly documented ACL surgery. It has been a little tough being on my leg pretty much all day, which PT pretty much requires. The first week I had my old 3 hours of commuting each day which did not help the swelling which was already pretty bad just from the actual work day. I decided to invest money into my knee by subletting a place within 5 minutes of work so as to walk and save myself 2 hours and 50 minutes a day of sitting on the bus or train. Of course the day after I move in one of my best friends calls me to tell me I could move in to his place which is about a third of the rent but still a bit of a travel time... decisions and timing... thats life.

Back to clinical interest; I have had the chance to slowly wean back into a pretty full workload. I am keeping track of my patients every day, getting re/more familiarized with all the referring physicians, diagnoses (some real interesting ones including radial tunnel entrapment, thoracic outlet syndrome, thunder clap headaches, tension headaches, restless leg syndrome as a co-morbidity, greater trochanter of the humerus and fibular fractures, to name a few... and of course quite a few of the very popular ACL!)

With my shortened commute I can actually be well rested for once and dedicate that would-be travel time to improving my quad strength which is my main impairment at this time - going down stairs is still a little difficult because that requires good eccentric quad control. Obviously still a bit of swelling hence why I am icing the knee. Speaking of icing, my time is up here, which ends this post, ciao my beauties :)
I'm hungry...

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