Tuesday, January 6, 2009

POD #17

My surgeon came back from vacation, so I went and saw him. His office is right by my job, took the express bus in, which takes about an hour and 15 mins... not great for the leg. Went to my clinic and got a decent workout in, iced a little, went to see the surgeon to get my suture out... Very weird seeing him pull that sucker out from one end to the other. He told me I was ahead of most of his 6 week patients and I am only at 2.5 wks, meaning I do not have to see him until 3 months after the surgery. I met his criteria for 6 weeks which included flexing up to 120, full extension, minimal swelling.

Here are arthroscopic pics from the surgery as well as me standing.
Pics 2-5 show just how torn up that ACL was
Pics 6-8 show nice clean menisci
Pics 9-10 show a small horizontal tear along the posterior wall of the capsule possibly in front of the popliteus which was stable enought the surgeon didn't want to mess with it
Pic 12 shows my decreased intercondylar notch space which likely was a factor in pre-disposing me to a rupture
Pics 13-18 show the cleaning up process, with 18 having the nice clean tunnel for entry
Pics 19-22 show the new ACL (formerly a patella tendon)

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