Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Post-Op Day 5

Went for my first day of PT today at the clinic where I did my 3rd affiliation. I knew I would get some quality hands on work along with some quality nuero muscular evaluation and retraining.

Focus is still on getting swelling down, maintaining and increasing my flexion/extension (extension is more important to maintain). Waking that quad up is the most difficult part. Did a little versa climber too for cardio and a more functional range of motion exercise, getting the timing/rhythm down helped with neuro muscular re-education too...

I am sure at some point I will get into the open versus closed kinetic chain debate... in the meantime here is the most recent pubmed article on the subject, if anyone has access to the journal of knee surgery I would love to be able to get access to this article, thanks!

In other news... the Jets are still very upsetting to me because they simply shouldnt be in the position they are in and all the question marks are just silly, bottom line is I blame the coaching staff for not playing to the teams strengths (give LEON the ball!!! - that Titans game was the last time the team looked good)... le sigh... At least the Yankees got Marky Mark Tex... they sure know how to spend the money

Timothy Dalton is a poor Bond... I am making my way through all the Bond films... almost done... at least there were only two Dalton films... here comes Brosnon, hopefully a better fit... Who is your favorite Bond? Mine is Connery hands down...

Merry Holidays to all and to all some good health!

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