Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I figure if I put the word "fun" at the end of each of these posts it will make it more pleasant...

So I got my MRI today... total rupture of the ACL... take a look for yourselves:
I also was able to make all the MRI images into little movies and uploaded them to, should have links soon... you should just be able to look up my username: bobzero11 (old high school thing)

So now comes picking out a surgery date and such... woo... and the very important prehab and prep, buying all the things I will need for recovery like ICE!!!

Just wanted to update you all... back to studying the article I am presenting to journal club tomorrow:

Muscle Strength and Range of Motion in Adolescent Pitchers With Throwing-Related Pain

Implications for Injury Prevention

James E. Trakis, DPT*,{ddagger}, Malachy P. McHugh, PhD§,{dagger}, Philip A. Caracciolo, MPT{ddagger}, Lisa Busciacco{ddagger}, Michael Mullaney, DPT§ and Stephen J. Nicholas, MD§

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