Wednesday, December 31, 2008

POD #12

Live stream from times square, pretty cool (big brother is watching):

I received the new Perspectives magazine and the new PT journal today. PTJ had a great article about eccentric training early after ACL reconstruction, they always have something great... and Perspectives which is a magazine especially for New Professional PT's had a great "perspective" from a good friend of mine, Evan O. Nelson, who was the president of the student assembly when I was on the nom-com. He is one of the most poignant and eloquent individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and I wanted to share this quote with you all as an idealic goal for patient care:
My goal is to progressively attain higher levels of clinical competence as I develop into an expert clinician who integrates multiple data sources and considers all body systems before skillfully applying an intervention to enhance patient function.
My walking is getting better, real tests will be this Friday and most of next week when I start my arduous travelling to work (as a patient for now), get the sutures out, and possibly look for a close by apartment to cut out the 3+ hours of travel per day that probably isn't good for recovery.

Here's to 2009!

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