Tuesday, September 23, 2008

September Blues

I'm actually not blue, I'm quite the opposite (whichever color that would be...)

But I did end a pretty good position at HSS and then I failed my board exam, then all the funk surrounding the NYJets and Yankees... As for my exam, I took it before I was prepared and only to appease my employers at the time which was doubly foolish since they are no longer my employer. My biggest advice to anyone who is lacking common sense like I was (and hopefully no longer am) is to wait until you are ready and make sure your practice exams are higher than the 75 percent you need to pass (mine were not).

I have not failed many exams in my life, but I like to roll with the punches. I have plenty of excuses but at the end of it all that doesn't mean much. Bottom line is I still have my deep rooted passion for working with individuals to help improve their health, movement, and functional capacity. As far as my clinical abilities I am confident that I am more than competent. In my three months at HSS my patients gave me some really positive feedback as did my supervisors and that is the major litmus test for me right now. I realize for my sports/ortho focus I have a million and one more things to learn and smooth out and am excited to continue that process. In fact that is what I am doing with my time off, just reading and learning more and more along with studying for the boards properly.

I am also exploring my job opportunities. I will be doing some part time work at one outpatient clinic in Williamsburgh Brooklyn and am interviewing at a few others. Traveling to other cities is also a possibility. While it is hard to leave NYC, the capital of the earth, I am sure other cities have something to offer :-D
I am truly in that "new professional" stage of my career where I have oh so many possibilities. Should be a fun ride.

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