Friday, September 5, 2008

Final Tune Ups

Firstly, my time at HSS is over, sad to say, but that is what it is, and that is all there is to say until at least after I pass my exam, and who knows when that will be, I know quite a few people who just missed the passing grade, gulp...

License exam is in a few days... just need to get a few things straight that always seem to be pesky in my brain (usually because it is of little interest or little practical use in clinical settings)

1) Levels of measurement: nominal-yes or no, one or the other... ordinal-ranking scale with no equality btwn each category... interval-distance btwn each # is =, scale and 0 are arbitrary... ratio-has an absolute zero

2)PNF patterns, although seemingly useful for most major conditions, are just one thing I have yet to wrap my little brain around.

3)There will likely always be a nerve innervation or two that I forget... but this morning I blanked on the thoracodorsal nerve innervating the lat. dorsi... duh!

4)Modalities, especially TENS settings, i.e. sensory-level stimulation is characterized by a relatively short phase duration of 20-100 microseconds... I just haven't used most modalities pretty much in all my time in PT... and I have not committed the brain power to memorizing as much of this madness as possible... but I will try just so I don't fail by one question or so...

5)Conduction aphasia... I am good with Broca (difficulty speaking) and Wernicke (diff. understanding)

6)For the record, IER has much better explanations/rationales than Scorebuilders (not sure why that link has the book so expensive) but the latter has a clearer and fuller look into most of the actual information, especially the "other systems".

Alright, this post was drawn out over a few days... but now that the JETS won and I have less than 24 hours... I am going to cram a little more, watch a movie and let the PT gods decide what they want to do with me... hopefully they are kind

Have a great one, world!

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