Monday, November 1, 2010

National Student Conclave

Yesterday I had a chance to participate in a task panel at the National Student Conclave in Cherry Hill, NJ. The title of the Task Panel was: What You Can Expect As You Transition From Student To Professional Status: A New Professional Panel Discussion. We had a semi-diverse group including a PT only 1.5 years out of school who ha started his own practice in California. Another panelist took part in a PhD program in New Zealand investigating hip OA among other topics.

The students seemed to get a good amount of information out of the hour long discussion. While many of the same answers that could be expected were given about lifelong learning, the importance of mentorship, risk management, 'ethics in the real world' I had to get on my soapbox and make sure I advocated for involvement in APTA. My biggest take home message was how each of those students should not only be members but maintain active involvement in the organization. I believe this is the a major way we will grow as a profession. When asked about how the APTA has helped me as a New Professional I had to applaud the APTA again for all the work they do on Capitol Hill which we do not always see. I have been fortunate enough to see it firsthand as a member of the Student Board of Directors a few years ago and having a good friend currently working with APTA.

Great event, thank you again to APTA for inviting me to partake.

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