Monday, November 15, 2010

Another Career Day at my High School

This past Saturday morning I went to talk to young men and women at my high school to give them an idea of what Physical Therapy is all about. My big messages at these events always include the following:

1) The story of how I got to my career
2) General overlook at the very dynamic field that is PT
3) This career may not be for you but make sure you find something you love to do. A great way to do this is to volunteer and intern with as many different fields that could be potential fits for you (I spent time with the following disciplines: chiropractor, orthopaedic surgeon, EMT, athletic training, personal training, physical and occupational therapy)
4) No matter what career path you choose you should still be aware of healthy living and how to save a life (this video is a scare tactic that should drive the point home)

A view of Brooklyn Tech's auditorium from the gym. The auditorium is the second largest in New York State (2nd only to Radio City Music Hall)

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