Friday, November 26, 2010

Im Thankful for These Links

I have recently streamlined my RSS reader and wanted to share my favorites with the rest of you lovely people out there, enjoy! In no particular order:

1) MoveItNPs I happen to be a 'contributing author' but Ben Braxley is worth getting to know, read up and join the movement.

2) Eric Galvez --> Mass Kickers Cancer survivorship is no joke, Eric is another great person to get to know so go read!

3) Crossfit and MobilityWOD This is the movement of the future in health/fitness in my opinion. It comes across a little intimidating but with the help of KStar at MobilityWOD and "scaling" this really is for everybody and it is all free. My biggest problem with it is they have so much information it is tough catching up!

4) Chris Johnson PT An endurance athlete himself Chris is leading the way in training/treating this unique population of athletes.

5) Fusion Performance Training A "performance coach"/PT who comes out with some quality material worth reading. He also has The View

6) Mike Reinold Despite his Boston affiliation this man is a leader in progressive sports/ortho PT, keep it going Mike.

7) Optimum Sports Performance Quality content coming from a massage therapist/CSCS

8) Simply awesome PT geek/art stuff: Street Anatomy

9) EIM Team A group that really wants to change things for the better in our profession, always a quality read.

10) Eric Cressey is another leader in fitness specifically in the world of Baseball but his lessons carryover to most other aspects of fitness.

Do you have any blog(s) (other than this one) that you think is of vital importance (please share in the comments below)?

There are a bunch of other PT links that I will try to throw in another post. There is always reading of JOSPT or AJSM as well; lifelong learning is no joke. I have a few non-PT links I frequent but will have to share that at a later date as I have to go catch a flight to Las Vegas where I am taking an Emergency Response Course. Hope you are ready to work off all the damage you did at Thanksgiving dinner :)

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