Monday, April 20, 2009

Me Swimming

Last week for our staff meeting, Jamie Barrone (one of Michael Phelps' former teammates) who is now a swim coach came to discuss swim biomechanics. Check out his website and if you want to improve your swimming consider having a session with him:

It inspired me to videotape my own swimming to analyze and hopefully improve my efficiency. One of my loyal readers and favorite professors happens to be running in the next lane over for one of the videos.

I am open to feedback, any aspects of my swimming you think I should fix (please keep in mind I have learned a little from the videos already and I have not been using my legs too much secondary to being 4 months post-op). I know there is much work to be done...

Thanks Petey for video taping!

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wingnut said...

Go to youtube and look at some olympic swimmers. First, slow yourself down. IN trying to swim fast, you are not srteamline. Your his are all over the place. Focus on keeping your body from rotating so much. Also, work on a higher elbow catch when you enter the water. If you pull through with a straight arm, you don't get as much power with that arm. Again, check out youtube.