Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Too Early

I left my house about 20 minutes later than normal, but that's okay, it's why I give myself an extra half hour window on these early days. I haven't mobile blogged in a while but right now I am too alert to sleep but too tired to read anything.

So, the new clinic is pretty darn great so far. I know I need to do something about the commute or stop whining about it (in case I haven't mentioned, it is 3 hours a day with two bad turnovers from a late shift to early shift).

This is a pretty fast paced clinic. It is mostly ortho, and there are two floors. 4th floor is focused more on spine and upper extremity and the 8th floor gets the rest :)

I am on the 4th and we do get a variety of patients including many referrals from my old employer the Hospital for Special Surgery. There are pre and post ACL patients, total knee's and hip's, hip scopes, even have a total reverse shoulder, along with the infamous cervicalgia, sciatica, and LBP (low back pain for those not hip to the abbreviations). Unfortunately, we do not always use 'patient-first' language as you can see by that last sentence, as long as no patients/clients are affected.

I have two great mentors right now from whom I am just learning so much - it almost makes the nerd part of me giddy. Then again I only had about 3-4 hours of sleep and it is too early for giddy (plus I am sans coffee as yet).

There is a lot to read and get familiar with, but with each repetition and new case I can start getting closer to the PT I wanna be for my patients (and all my moochy friends who want free therapy).

The biggest thing I keep learning from my patients is how important prevention is, because the majority of their issues can be avoided with prehab (seeing a PT before they get hurt). But it seems to be in our culture (especially here in new york) to wait until you can't really function before seeking help. Stop toughing it out and get smart about your body (you only get one) - let the experts take care of you... you have surgery, you have drugs, you have us... choose PT!

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cirezevlag said...

hey you are so right about libraries, but they are one of the best places to disseminate info. that was real purpose of doing it... i'm still trying to figure out if CSM is in my plans... it is $400 to register! maybe i'll go to vegas anyways... hahaha!