Monday, November 17, 2008

Muscle of the Week x 2

Since I have fallen behind a little with this segment and it was actually requested, time for catch up...

Real quick, I went to a wedding in Eunice, Louisiana this weekend and had a great cajun experience. A lot of travel:

flew to atlanta and spent thursday night there, drove to new orleans and spent friday night there, drove to eunice and went to the wedding and spent saturday night there, sunday at 6 am we took off driving reversing the trip, one hour time change and flew out of atlanta 6:40 pm, got to my actual house about 10:30 pm... luckily I start work today at 11...

Psoas major
Latin m. psoas major
Gray's subject #127 467
Origin Transverse processes of T12-L5 and the lateral aspects of the discs between them
Insertion in the lesser trochanter of the femur
Artery lumbar branch of iliolumbar artery
Nerve Lumbar plexus via anterior branches of L2-L4 nerves
Action flexes and rotates laterally thigh
Antagonist Gluteus maximus
MeSH Psoas+Muscles

Latin musculus multifidus
Gray's subject #115 400
Origin Sacrum, Erector spinae Aponeurosis, PSIS, and Iliac crest
Insertion spinous processes of all the vertebrae except the atlas
Nerve Posterior branches
Action Stabilizes vertebrae in local movements of vertebral column
-acting unilaterally, lateral flexion and rotation to the
opposite side; acting bilaterally, extension and hyperextension of the spine;

These two muscles have recently been implicated in Unilateral Back Pain. The idea of the "core" is one that is probably not fully understood to the lay population or even many professionals. The core is the series of muscles around the trunk that helps to stabilize the rest of your body. In my short clinical experience it seems that proper core muscle training can relieve many symptoms of low back pain as well as improve performance of almost any activity. I would love to write a lot more... but I have to run to work... have a great day!

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