Monday, October 13, 2008

Muscle of the Week - TIbialis Posterior

I thought I would try to bring this feature back to this blog... as I get much more immersed in "ortho PT culture"

So lets start it up with the muscle I recently injured (likely strained), the tibialis posterior (sometimes known as the posterior tibialis)

Origin: interosseous membrane, posterior surface of tibia inferior to the soleal line, posterior surface of fibula

Insertion: tuberosity of navicular, cuneiform, cuboid, metatarsal 2,3,4

Innervation: tibial nerve L4-5

Action: inversion and plantarflexion

This muscle stabilizes the arches of the foot
It functions during gait...and eccentrically controls the amount of pronation (@ the subtalar & midtarsal joints)

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Mummy Dearest said...

love this feature!! more muscles please! :)