Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Kinesiotaping in Brooklyn

To: My injured brethren, sisters and family

From: Richard "Imhotep" Symister, MSPT, CSCS

Re: Kineostaping

Date: October 8, 2008


Within the past year, many of you have expressed concerns regarding aches, pains, strains and undiagnosed orthopedic injuries. Recently I have had the opportunity to study and use a relatively new procedure call kinisiotaping (If you tuned into the Olympics this year, you may have seen the some the Japanese volleyball players sporting this tape ---

Kinesiotape functions to accomplish a few things:

  1. correct muscle function
  2. improve circulation of blood/lymph
  3. decrease pain
  4. reposition a subluxed joint

On the Saturday 10/25, I will be performing FREE kinesiotaping to anyone interested. The more the merrier, since this will allow me to assess the efficacy and performance of the kinesiotape, while also hopefully relieve some of your pain symptoms.

If you are interested in participating, call me @ (917) 751 7634 and we’ll discuss whether or not I think kinesiotaping might help you.. There is no obligation and, again, the service is completely FREE!

If you'd like more info on kinesiotaping, check out:


And please, if you know of others who may benefit from this procedure (dancers, musicians, athletes, weekend warriors, etc.) feel free to pass this along.

Richard Imhotep Symister, MSPT, CSCS


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