Friday, July 11, 2008

Delayed post

Express bus blogging just isn't the same as the train for some reason... Could be because the blogger website isn't working right now on my phone (neither is myspace, oh no-sarcasm). So I am blogging into my email server to allow this to get published at a later time.

Been pretty busy with orientation to work, went to the poconos with my sister's family, been training aka running for two upcoming races, going to be volunteering at the all-star fan fest this week which should be tons of fun.

We had the hospital-wide orientation monday and tuesday, which included fire safety, benefits review :), cultural competency, harassment (not education about it, they actually harassed us... JUST KIDDING), a few other fun points of interest and the heart of excellence training program which every new employee goes through and consisted of 'team building' exercises and a focus on the qualities that make a quality employee within the healthcare field. Of course as a big PT nerd I was ready with the APTA Core Values:

Altruism (which was the first time in any of the orientations this was said)
Professional duty
Social responsibility

It was a worthwhile experience. And I was sad to find out that I could not be a medical interpreter for the hospital because although I speak Russian I cannot read or write it whiich is a prerequisite for the 60 hour training program (I came to America when I was 3 and haven't had many chances to read or write it despite living so close to Brighton Beach. But they seem to have a quality program and overall the hospital seems to do most things right which is probably why they (we) are ranked NUMBER 1 in US News & World Report for Orthopaedics and #3 for Rheumatology.

Off to get my PT on, talk to ya'll later, have a healthy day!

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