Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

I attended a very thorough talk last week given by Dr. Steven Lee of Lenox Hill Hospital on the topic of PRP.

His main points included the idea that the research is very far behind with very few high or even moderate level research studies to support the use of PRP. The amount of variables that can influence the outcome of this treatment are vast and thus limit the research potential. Despite this lack of research it can certainly be a welcome treatment for those who have failed other forms of conventional treatment for their tendonopathy (not tendonitis, please make sure you speak with a health care professional about the difference). Eccentric training of the affected tendon and cross friction massage which is a much cheaper alternative to PRP as far as re-creating an inflammatory process have some favorable research studies and are worth a "shot" before trying PRP.

I do get concerned when MDs site one research article and are selling the product: http://www.orthopedicsurgerynyc.com/137759/2011/05/31/platelet-rich-plasma-injections-for-tennis-elbow.html#comments

I have not met Dr. Stein but I invite him to discuss his criteria for choosing a candidate for PRP. I have left a comment on his blog and will look forward to his response and update this post as to the outcome of that conversation.

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Kyle Ridgeway said...

I agree. I never suggest this treatment based purely on cost. At this point, it is based on theory in my opinion. And, at a $1,000 a pop, I think there is a lot better things patients can be using their money for. [i.e. good physical therapy].

Kyle Ridgeway PT, DPT