Sunday, January 17, 2010

International Injuries

Quick thoughts about Paris:
Way overpriced! Food was subpar, weather was terrible, a few museums and the top of the Eiffel tower were closed for repairs (Picasso museum has apparently been closed since mid-2008 with no sign of opening back up any time soon). My two days in Ireland were much more enjoyable.

While I was in Argentina it seemed the majority of injuries I saw in the streets had some kind of arm or wrist brace and then in Paris it seemed the shift was to lofstrand crutches.

Here is an interesting article about the difference in assistive devices available.

For anyone from Paris or Buenos Aires can you confirm for me if there is an increased incidence of lower or upper extremity injuries based on some kind of cultural difference or is it the focus of the healthcare system, a different philosophy in treatment? Anyone from other cities of the world notice any major trends that may be shifted towards one body part? In America Low Back Pain seems to be the most common trend which is seen through obesity on the streets, not that we can draw a clear line between the two.

Now to plan my next international exploration... stay healthy out there!

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Jen said...

Hi, not from France or Argentina, but I've been to Paris, and I totally agree with you. I even sought out the Irish pubs there for food and drink. God bless the Irish. I've been looking into PT and PTA programs here, so I enjoyed reading your blog. Interesting thoughts on varying problems relating to culture across continents.