Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year/Decade!

Wanted to wish everyone all the best for the new year/decade, hope it brings new and prosperous opportunities. I resolve (as I have many a time) to focus this blog on what its original intent was... PT and the decisions that go with being a New Professional.

Here is a seemingly fun way to get out and exercise with your friends: A relay run from Woodstock, NY to NYC.
One thing I can say from reflecting on 2009 is these group activities are very fun to do and exercise is fairly important. I read a lot of the latest evidence/research coming out and I consistently see support for exercise helping almost every aspect of life. The people I meet who exercise a lot on an anecdotal level, they just seem to be very pleased with life (not say those who don't exercise aren't happy, but for most finding the right exercise seems to make things better).

I am going to the JETS game tonight where the forecast is calling for "Freezing your toes off" weather. Then next Saturday I leave for 5 days in Paris, a day in Dublin, a day in Belfast (my excuse for the likely lack of posts over the next few weeks, but I will try :). Hope you guys are resolving to be healthier for 2010 and stick with it--> don't forget to set attainable goals and take necessary steps towards making it happen. Everyone is motivated differently, find yours and "get 'r done".

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