Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Quick Survey: Clinical Decision Rules

Presenting an article at work tomorrow, wanted to run a quick survey of who has heard of and who actually uses any/all of the following:

Ottawa Ankle/Foot Rules
Ottawa Knee Rules
Canadian C-Spine Rules
Canadian CT head Rule
Wells Clinical Prediction Rule


t-denninger said...


Johnny May said...

Yes, especially ottawa ankle, and wells. Occasionally ottawa knee, and most c-spines have already been imaged.

6p00e0099474218833 said...

Technically, most civilian physical therapists do not have the capability to order tests. The nice thing about knowing these rules is to 1) educate a patient as to why diagnostic testing was not ordered or 2) to suggest diagnostic testing when it did not occur (a generally very unlikely scenario).
I just shared some newer research on incidence of vertebral fracture at EIM. Mahar recently published diagnostic prediction rule for vertebral fracture: