Sunday, August 2, 2009

SmartPhone Results

Here are the results to the previous/recent survey I linked to. Interesting stuff, but now I am more confused as to which phone I want to get next. My current phone, the Treo 755p, is becoming obsolete and breaking down fairly rapidly. I think it would be awesome if we could do all of our documentation on a handheld device like the iPhone or Palm Pre. The Palm Pre offers multitasking which can be great if you can pull up a patients x-rays and input data into their medical record. I want to switch to the Palm Pre as my Treo breaks down but they are charging 500+ dollars, even though I have been with Sprint for almost 4 years they cant give me any price break on the phone, while new customers get it for $199... pissing me off a lot of bit. Have to weigh out cost of the plan, quality of the phones, etc. A lot going on... enjoy the survey results, hopefully I can be mobile blogging much more efficiently with a new phone :)
Have an awesome day!

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