Thursday, May 29, 2008

Get Lost

On my way to a job interview right now, for a part-time position while I study for the boards.

Quick point of interest:
Physical Therapists are now at the doctoring level. I have been getting a lot of questions about this. We are not Medical Doctor's (MD's) nor are we PhD's (academic doctorate - although one can get a PhD in a PT related field). What I have earned is a DPT or a Doctorate in Physical Therapy which is a clinical doctorate.

A lot of the 'allied' medical professions are switching over to this higher degree level that by definition indicates an expert in one's field (I have seen doctor and expert linked almost as synonyms). So a medical doctor is an expert of medicine and a doctor of PT is an expert in the neuromusculoskeletal workings of humans.

The other issue I have been having to respond to is the idea that PT's only treat injured individuals, whereas this is far from true. I feel confident that even as an entry-level clinician as I now am, I can make a positive change in the health of almost every individual whom I may encounter. In order for the body to be most efficient and remain injury free there needs to be a proper balance and proper upkeep which often times requires the guidance of a trained professional such as myself :)

'It is far easier to stay healthy then to get back to being healthy.'

If you are a Lost fan, join me and some of my high school buddies for the season finale in NYC at Professor Thoms... google it as I can't link secondary to mobile phone blogging :(

Stay healthy people!

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