Sunday, May 25, 2008

Continuing Education

The human body is an amazing thing... an amazingly complex thing... so much is being done to try to figure it out...
Just when people think they know something about it someone else comes out and disputes what we thought we knew.

So what is the best option? Keep learning... [insert soap box and sappy music here]... I love learning and sharing ideas (hence this blog)... I love learning something new and being excited to teach it to someone else or apply it to my own life, I even love hearing a new idea that may conflict with my previously held beliefs and trying to see which side makes more sense...

As a student I had attended a decent serving of continuing ed. courses, just about every chance I had, since I had a little more time than when I will start working full-time... plus as a student it is usually much more accessible and cheaper.

So even though I just graduated last Thursday, I already signed up for my first "real" continuing ed. course (real because I wasn't continuing before, I was doing it along with my education - ya dig?). The course I chose should be great and I am expecting to learn a lot.

The more interesting part of continuing ed. is how relative it is... as I continue to learn more and more I take so much more away, if I was able to sit through some of the courses I previously sat through I know I could take so much more away from them.

PT is an ever growing field, and as we as a people learn more and more about the human body there has to be some way to keep up with that... lifelong learning is a concept I accepted early in my PT schooling and just can't wait to see what comes next.

And now the random PT cartoon of the day:

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