Friday, September 10, 2010

Anybody home?

If you are still following this blog, bless you... and my apologies!
I am finally settling down from some whirlwind changes.
Finished my 18 month orthopaedic outpatient mentorship.
Took a position at Lenox Hill Hospital working Acute Inpatient Ortho (mostly).
Been busy with seeing a few private clients, working at the hospital and working out.
Started CrossFit (got certified as a trainer)... it is not as crazy as it may seem to some, we will discuss now that I am back.
Signed up for the OCS exam which will get its own post just to mentally prepare for preparing. Trying to do as much as I can. Took a few courses, about to take some more. Exciting times and time management is now the biggest challenge. Bottom line is I love the possibilities and there is a lot going on. I feel like this blogging, despite taking up time will help keep me somewhat grounded to move forward.

It helps that I finally got a brand new laptop... even the HTC EVO could not get me blogging consistently. here we go now...

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Ben said...

I commiserate Bo! Too many of my blogs have had an apology about long periods between posts. It's really challenging to balance communication in our personal/professional spheres and what we are trying to do on the internet! I follow your blog when I can. Keep it going!

And thank you for posting to Move It the other day too. I would love to have you comment on post on the election process I'm going through or on the process that brought you to where you are today, or both! Take care Bo.