Saturday, June 12, 2010

varied practice

my first blog attempt on my HTC evo.
Saturdays I like to work either at acute care or another private practice that is fairly different from my usual practice. this is partly to help me pay off loans sooner, but also I find it very beneficial to see different populations and because the geographic location within nyc is far enough apart the diagnoses tend to be fairly different as well. Something I have been saying since I have gotten into PT is that I will likely never be bored thanks to the plethora of settings and populations that one can partake in.
1) how many of you out there work in varied settings through the week (any profession can answer)
2) the typing on this phone is a little more cumbersome than my old treo which had a physical keyboard compared to this here digital one... it slightly makes up for it with the autofill feature but requires a bit too much editing especially for longer bits of text

happy weekend!

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Ben said...

I hear you Bo. I'm mostly used to the keyboard on my Incredible now. It doesn't take long but be wary of auto-correct. Proofing is a must. As far as your question, I'm between jobs for a week but actually chose this next one for the variety. I'll be in one facility but floating between several different brain injury and stroke teams. I thrive on challenges to my adaptability. Sounds like you're the same way.

Ben (a PT)