Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cervical Manips vs Mobs & Adalius Thomas

New Cochrane review which is reviewed at the CAM report.

The authors concluded, “Cervical manipulation and mobilization produced similar changes. Either may provide immediate- or short-term change.” [manips carry increased risk, which is why I stay away from manips and stick to mobs for c-spine]

“Thoracic manipulation may [also] improve pain and function.”

However, there are no long-term data on effectiveness, and optimal techniques and dose are unresolved.

Adalius Thomas on the Patriots mishandling his injury (the Jets would have never done this;):
There are now 12 screws and a plate in his arm. The Patriots sent him to a facility in Tampa for rehabilitation (Thomas has a home in Florida) in early 2009, but he said the woman he worked with was a massage therapist, not a physical therapist who specialized in helping him recover full range of motion in the arm.

Well over a year later, he said his wrist sometimes still bothers him. Next month, he will go on his own to a place in Pensacola, Fla., to try and get it back to normal.

He wondered why he was not directed toward proper therapy in the first place.

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