Monday, March 22, 2010

Marathon statistics

Interesting stuff, source is Runners magazine, their source I do not have available right now, if you are that interested I am sure we can work together to figure it out :)

Interesting stats
United States Marathon participation
143,000 in 1980
425,000 in 2008

Finish times
1980- 3:32:17 - 8:06 pace
2008- 4:16 - 9:45 pace
1980 4:03 - 9:17 pace
2008 4:43 - 10:48 pace

A good percentage of my patients have running related injuries, usually from overuse. Should there be stricter guidelines to qualify for a marathon? How much damage can be done compared to the benefits of running? Risk increased damage to your joints if you train incorrectly for weight loss and cardiovascular benefits?
Please leave your thoughts in the comments :)

There is much more to this debate, I certainly do not have the answers but am going to hold my opinions out (I know that is what blogs are for... oh well) - at least until I do some more research on the topic myself. I personally chose not to run the NYC marathon which is a small dream of mine. I let my gauranteed entry expire because I am not sure if my surgically repaired knee can take the pounding that comes along with training and the actual running of the marathon. This year is all about the triathlong for me which is limited to a fairly simple 10K. I do plan on running the Brooklyn Half May 22, I think it will be a good test for my knee (long term ramifications not yet determined), plus I just love Brooklyn so much I can't say no.

Have a healthy day.

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