Friday, February 26, 2010

Of triathlons and snow

Last Wednesday I attended the 2nd annual traithlon education night in NYC. The webcast of the entir night is available here. Pleae never do a bird-dog like the one in the video - promise me!

It motivated me more as an athlete than a physical therapist. So I am commiting to do a triathlon this September. Still debating if I will join a team, but leaning towards not this year so I can really find my own way via my PT education. For those of you out there interested in participating in this great activity, just make sure you do your research and start small, set realistic goals and go accomplish them. Have fun along the way!

If you are in the NYC area I have three opportunities for you:
1. I found this on which has some amazing opportunities all the time, just need to find the one that matches your interests:
St.Lukes-Roosevelt Hospital Cardio Disease Prevention Program & Toughman Tri Sport Med/Train Clinic

2. A 5K on a JFK tarmac... take off just like the planes do.

3. On short notice... if you have any interest this Sunday in participating in a panel on being a new professional and making the transition from student at a student conclave in Great Neck Long Island, please let my buddy Allen know ( And if you are a student, attend and enjoy!

Even more personal update:
We are having a lovely snow day today in NYC, a great day to train for triathlons... so I am going skiing for the first time in my life up in Vermont. Full report on these festivities to follow. Hopefully no injuries to report.
Also, next week I will begin collecting data on some high school athletes to start tracking injuries and hopefully developing a program to prevent any injuries.

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