Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm Back!

Had a great trip and now it is back to business...

Just saw this great article about neuroplasticity which is a secret interest of mine combined with the ACL which is very dear to my own knee... here is the conclusion, but make sure to check out the whole article and after I get a chance to read it further I may put up a more in depth review... but no promises as I am focused on inflammation right now.

CONCLUSION: The current study reveals that anterior cruciate ligament deficiency can cause reorganization of the central nervous system, suggesting that such an injury might be regarded as a neurophysiologic dysfunction, not a simple peripheral musculoskeletal injury. This evidence could explain clinical symptoms that accompany this type of injury and lead to severe dysfunction. Understanding the pattern of brain activation after a peripheral joint injury such as anterior cruciate ligament injury lead to new standards in rehabilitation and motor control learning with a wide application in a number of clinical and research areas (eg, surgical procedures, patient re-education, athletic training, etc).

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