Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fun Links

TED talks are always fun!

To everyone with low back pain: Exercise more!

Some very amazing exhibits at the 2009 Science Festival here in NYC, I may try to make it to a few.

My buddy Megan bought the nose body wash dispenser when I posted it, I wonder if she will buy this.

Some awesome wetsuits, when are they going to start making "websuits" - virtual reality for the general public? Speaking of wetsuits, here is a pretty awesome article from the NSCA about improving sprint speed using a wetsuit. NSCA has some great free material including their Performance Training Journal.

This is a little dated but seems like a great opportunity:
The Sports Medicine Team for the AIDS Lifecycle is looking for Physical Therapists, Physical Therapy Assistants, Athletic trainers and students in either field for participation in ALC 8.
AIDS Lifecycle -
Sports Medicine Team description (Camp based team) -
Frequently asked questions -

For those of you in the California area you should check out this young lady and her guitar playing skills, info on the shows here.

So much going on, trying to stay afloat... most importantly: my patients are getting better, no better motivator!

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