Sunday, May 10, 2009

Playin' catch-up

Been very busy the past few weeks. Went to the HSS sports medicine symposium where I got to hear some of the top shoulder surgeons in the world speak fairly candidly about their ortho thoughts. Work has been going real well, I still am not a fan of the documentation aspect. On the train about to go underground... happy mothers day! more to come soon

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Tim Richardson, PT said...


Physical therapy documentation was a drag for me too for many years - I was so terrible at one point one of my partners said to me...

"Tim, our documentation would never pass a Medicare audit!"I guess that was pretty shocking to me because I began a three-year oddessy to figure out how to quickly and accurately write down data and decisions.

In my opinion, physical therapists have a lot to contribute that can be communicated through good documentation.

I also believe that good documentation can drive clinical decision-making.

I am finishing a book on this subject that links PT clinical decisions with Federal payment policy.

The book will be called Bulletproof PT.

You can see some posts with my ideas at .